Why you should go in for a pre purchase building inspection


When most people come to a house as potential buyers, they look at the surface aesthetics of the layout and rarely at the details. The house is set up to hide the details and invite buyers to make a bid on the property. It is therefore very important that one carries out a building inspection before putting down money on a property that could be filled with defects.

Conforming to code

A building inspection is vital to check that the structure follows the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. If you purchase a building that does not conform to the standards that are set forth by the code, you might be forced to spend more than you bargained for by making repairs and bringing the building up to code.

There are parts of the home like patios that also have to conform to code. You may see such areas as part of the main incentives to buy the home only to find out that they do not conform to code and have to be brought down. It is, therefore, financial common sense to do a pre purchase building inspection.

Safety of the building

Building inspection finds those kinks in the building structure that could render it a potential hazard to you and your family. Even if you decide to do a check yourself, there are bound to be some faults that you will miss but that will be identified by the practiced eye of a professional building inspector.

There are considerations that the inspector will look at, like electrical wiring as well as smoke alarms. With this, he ensures that the fire hazard resulting from shoddy wiring is non-existent or is repaired if necessary. Other hazards like termite infestation, especially in the wood work making up the floors, or dampness, especially in the basement walls, are also looked at to make sure that you buy a building that is fully functional.

Health hazards like asbestos are looked for to make sure that you, as the new occupant, do not have to live in such dangerous surroundings.

Pre purchase inspection is therefore no activity to forego in the hopes of saving an extra buck, because skipping out on it might probably turn out into a more expensive venture when you discover all the faults in the building that need to be attended to quickly in order to make the house safe for habitation. For more information, contact local building inspections specialists. 


3 November 2015

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