Personal Injury Law: Understanding Negligence Claims


If you sustain personal injury as a result of wrongdoing by another legal entity, you can request for compensation through a lawsuit. The legal entity can be a person, agency or company, and you make claims for physical and psychological injuries. One of the important causes of personal injuries is negligence, so you should understand the element before filing your injury lawsuit. Basically, if you have been harmed because someone has reasonably failed to fulfil their duty, you can make a legal claim in negligence.

22 December 2015

Why you should go in for a pre purchase building inspection


When most people come to a house as potential buyers, they look at the surface aesthetics of the layout and rarely at the details. The house is set up to hide the details and invite buyers to make a bid on the property. It is therefore very important that one carries out a building inspection before putting down money on a property that could be filled with defects. Conforming to code

3 November 2015

Steps on How to Learn to Trust Again After Parter Violence


Intimate partner violence takes on many forms, but in all cases relies on reducing the confidence of the victim in some way so that they don't feel like they can immediately leave the relationship. It's very difficult to overcome, but many people succeed. Here are some ways to help repair that confidence after intimate partner violence so that you can learn to trust other people again. Rebuild existing relationships which have been damaged

29 October 2015

Avoiding will disputes due to mental illness


In all states it's important for will makers to have 'testamentary capacity', which is to say that they have sound mental capacity to make decisions. If you are suffering from a mental illness and would like to make a will that cannot be disputed due claims of you not being of sound mental capacity at the time it was drawn up, consider these tips and steps. Obtain medical clearance Before you have a will drawn up, particularly if you have a regular GP or psychologist who is familiar with the passage of your illness, it is useful to get an assessment of your mental capacity from them.

19 October 2015

Conditions You Must Fulfill If Your Partner Visa Application Includes a Child


Many people sponsor spouses during their partner visa application process. However, some of those applications hit a snag when the person applying for the visa does not provide all the information that the authorities need to confirm that he or she is legally allowed to decide where a non-biological child resides. This article discusses some of the information that your partner may be expected to provide before he or she is allowed into Australia with a child who isn't his/her biological child.

13 October 2015